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Home Roaster Pack


Roast Coffee At Home

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HOME ROASTER PACK.  Roast your Redroaster at home!

Everyone can roast at home so long as you’ve got an oven and some way of grinding the beans.  If you’ve never done it it’s a fantastic way of understanding the coffee roasting process. Your first ‘first crack’ is right of passage, a badge of honour which confers the right to criticise all other roasters (particularly Rob, Diana, Vina and Josh) as you are now an expert!

More importantly, you can create some really great coffee at home and this pack includes the following.  2 bags of green (raw) bean as below. We use 2x 250g of green bean because you’re going to lose a bit of weight naturally when you roast, up to 16%. And finally, a RR signature tube, so you’ve got somewhere to store the magic once you’ve roasted (also makes a great kitchen pen holder).

AQUIARES ESTATE 250g GREEN BEAN, COSTA RICA – These beans are really characteristic of their region, plus they’re carbon negative.. tick!  You’ll be looking to roast these a little lighter if possible and the reward will be almond and brown sugar notes. Really delicious as both an espresso or filter.

CACHOIERA FARM 250g GREEN BEAN, BRAZIL – Danilo and his family grow these beans about a 12hr drive from Sao Paolo (roughly 3 speeding tickets).  Really typical of the Minas Gerais region.  We use these beans in our Sanctuary blend and you’ll be looking for a chocolate, macadamia flavour profile.

BLEND IT LIKE A BOSS – If you’d like to match our Sanctuary blend then once you’ve roasted blend 1/4 Costa Rica with 3/4 Brazil.  Put aside yer quakers (beans that may have come out really light coloured and nutty) and you’ll have a pretty close match to our bestselling blend that we’ve been roasting for over 20 years.

So you’ve got three great coffees here, a blend and the two singles.  Instructions, should you need them, are included and there’s a world of content and video online which will also show you the way.


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Whole bean, Filter, Cafetiere, Mocca pot, Aero press, Espresso


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