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Lucky Khao thai bbq

Set within a beautiful botanical backdrop, Redroaster Cafe provides a little bit of everyday luxury.  Tables for brunch are always available for walk-in guests during the day, even at weekends. And believe us when we say this is the best brunch Brighton has to offer.

We also accept reservations should you need to lock in a time.  For bottomless brunch it’s a must. Kitchen opens at 8.30am every morning.


In the evenings the chefs of Lucky Khao take over, amazing Northern Thai BBQ, cocktails and cold beers. Head to our separate site for all of the details and to reserve a table.  Lucky Khao returns late summer.

As well as our ethically sourced, hand-roasted coffee, we’ll be serving breakfast, brunch and lunch every day, with our famous bottomless brunch also available every weekend.

Redroaster was described as a ‘go-to destination’ by The New York Times even before our recent renovation, so why not come and see what the fuss is about?

Take your organic brunch in our beautiful cafe garden and spend a few hours enjoying freshly roasted coffee, wines from St John in London, cocktails and local craft beer or perhaps just a book!

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