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Home Iced Coffee Pack


Introducing the Redroaster Home Iced Coffee Pack!

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HOME ICED COFFEE PACK.  Make Redroaster Iced Coffee at home!

Introducing the Redroaster Home Iced Coffee Pack!

Make Redroaster Iced Coffee at Home!

We are excited to announce our newest product: the Home Iced Coffee Pack. Now, you can enjoy the delicious taste of Redroaster iced coffee right from the comfort of your home. Perfect for hot summer days, entertaining guests, or simply treating yourself to a refreshing drink.


What’s Included:

  • A Syrup of Your Choice: Select from our variety of premium syrups to add that perfect hint of flavor to your iced coffee.
  • Brighton’s Favourite Coffee: Our Sanctuary blend mixes perfectly with syrup and milk to create a delicious iced coffee.
  • A Recipe Card: Follow our easy-to-use recipe card to create a range of delicious Redroaster iced coffees at home.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Convenient: Everything you need to make your favorite iced coffee at home in one convenient pack.
  • Customizable: With choices of syrups and coffee, you can tailor your iced coffee to your personal taste.
  • Fun and Easy: Our recipe card provides step-by-step instructions, making it fun and easy to prepare iced coffee just the way you like it.

What if I don’t have an espresso machine?

No need to worry, you can create a high concentrate coffee using your aeropress or cafetiere.

Cafetiere: Use 30g of coffee – pour over 100g of water – wait for 4 minutes – plunge your cafetiere.

Aeropress: This aeropress recipe requires you to use the inverted method. Place your plunger in your aeropress so it is level with number 1. Use 30g of coffee –  pour over 100g of water – stir – wait for 3 minutes – place your filter on top – with a cup on top of your aeropress flip it the right way up and plunge.


Note: Limited stock available, so don’t wait!

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