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Monsoon Malabar – INDIA


Bold, Clove, Tobacco

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TASTE: Bold, Clove, Tobacco

PRODUCER:  Allansons
VARIETAL:  Kent, S19
ROAST:  Dark

Back around 2008 – 2010 this was our best selling coffee and we featured it until around 2016.  So for 2020 we are delighted to bring back this unique and bold coffee.  We are roasting this to bring out a really bold and earthy flavour. For those who love a classic Italian espresso, this is our third wave version of that.  Never bitter, perfect with milk and if you like an espresso with a kick this is the one.

Legend has it that Monsoon coffee was developed by accident. The story goes that in the days of sailing arabica coffee to Scandinavia, so much torrential rain was encountered en route that by time the coffee had recached its final destination the coffee characteristics had changed completely on arrival.

These days the process of monsooning coffee has been streamlined and presently undergoes a sequence of sophisticated operations, and during this process the coffee actually bloats to almost twice its size, changes its texture and colour to pale gold and acquires a really unique flavour and quality. Wind force, moisture content and humidity controls are monitored and controlled and the coffee is then polished to add on a luster to the beans and graded to various Monsoon classifications.

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200g, 1kg


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