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Sweet Berry – ETHIOPIA


Berries, Floral, Chocolate

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Ethiopia – Sidamo – Natural Process

Taste Notes: Berries, Floral, Chocolate
Origin: Sidamo Ethiopia
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1500 – 2200m
Varietal: Heirloom
Roast: Light to medium


Sweet Berry is a classic Sidamo (the area) style natural with a built in premium that the exporter and washing station owner, Shochoch Trading, are using to create a drinking water well in Miyah village. The village is located in the South Bench District of the Bench Sheko zone.

The objective of the Miyah Village Pure Water Project is to build pure water well or spring for coffee producing farmers in Miyah Village. The Village is well known with its high quality coffee producer farmers.  Miyah village farmers supply their coffee to Shochoch Trading PLC’s Coffee washing and drying site from which it exports to us.

We roast this coffee a little lighter. This is classic Ethiopian in some ways but you’ll find it quite complex. it scored high on the SCA index at 85.5. So expect lots of fruit and berries, perhaps some chocolately notes alongside.  Great high end coffee and the money we pay them is helping out locally too.

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