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Redroaster is rated in the top 20 sustainable businesses in the UK. Our Brighton roastery is the UK’s oldest certified organic roastery & at our cafes we buy local & organic food where practical.  In 2016 we joined the UK’s Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) to help focus our efforts regarding what we’re buying & how we look after our farmers, how we trade and use energy, our overall environmental impact (waste & energy) & how we interact with the community & treat our teams.

We are now recognised as one of the UK’s most sustainable businesses and hold the highest award from the SRA.

In 2017 + 2018 our cafe on the beach was awarded the the no.1 sustainable restaurant in the UK, in 2019 at the national finals we were awarded for ‘exceptional commitment to global farmers’ & for launching One Planet Plate in the UK & for meat reduction.

In 2023 we became a Certified B Corporation and joined the global network of leading companies working for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.


In 2016 some of our team were working in Rwanda looking for coffee and we realised that if we changed our business just a small amount then we would be able to make quite a sizeable difference to the lives of some of the coffee farmers and people resettled following the genocide.  So we renamed ourselves Kemptown Project and since then we have donated profits to the project and our team give their time to help the guys in Rwanda.

We’ve invested and built classrooms and a new school in Musenyi. Find out more about the school we built and the ongoing infrastructure projects..


Here in Brighton we partner with Team Domenica an amazing charity which helps people with learning disabilities discover their career potential.

We began slowly but these days we provide employment for sixteen young adults in our cafes and at our Brighton roastery. At the roastery we’ve had to rent more space to accommodate everyone and not only do the guys help us with our wholesale but they also now roast their own blends and sell under the Team Domenica banner.  You can find out more more about the roastery colab here with this coverage from ITV.

sustainable restaurant redroaster

Sustainable restaurant Redroaster

Sustainable restaurant Redroaster

Brighton roastery team


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