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Here at Redroaster we serve excellent, fresh, locally roasted coffee for people that care about their coffee and where it comes from. We actually started roasting coffee in 2000 on small Diedrich roasters imported from the US then upgrading to larger Diedrich roasters in 2006. The coffee roastery is in the heart of Kemptown, we roast everyday and we are a team of around 20-25 people. These days at the coffee roastery we are joined by our partners Team Domenica, a charity focused on helping young adults with learning disabilities find employment and 16 young people work alongside us.

We are fairly unique in that we only roast coffee that is the absolute highest grade of specialty coffee.. beans graded over SCAA 84, and we direct trade – meaning we go and meet and buy direct from the farmer.  And we pay more than fairtrade. And we are organic!

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We are passionate about always negotiating a fair price for the high quality coffee we buy. We go further than Fairtrade agreements to reward and incentivise our farmers to produce the finest quality.

In 2016, we changed our business so that we now directly support the Rwandan farmers who supply our coffee beans, their families and the people involved in helping them become self-sufficient. This began with the construction of a school in Musenyi and is part of a wider project which has included providing safe water, a health post (which sees 900 patients a month), a community centre and farm equipment and training.

If you have any questions about our coffee or our project in Rwanda, we’d love to answer them – [email protected]


Redroaster Wholesale Coffee is available and we deliver free in Brighton & Hove where our delivery bikes are a frequent sight around the City, and throughout the UK. We have been supplying wholesale coffee to businesses around the UK for many and we our coffee can be found in many of the UKs finest cafes and restaurants. We provide full ongoing training and full support from tweaking machines to emergency grinders and coffee equipment. If you’re interested in partnering with us please get in touch with our Wholesale Coffee team through Diana on 01273 605953.


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