The House Assortment coffee subscription is for those who want to drink delicious, rich comforting coffees.  We source and roast more coffees than almost all other roasters in the UK and so you’ll enjoy a fantastic assortment of coffees with chocolately and caramel notes.  This selection includes our most popular blends and the coffees we serve in our own cafes.

This assortment is roasted on our vintage Diedrich roaster, and we roast them slightly darker to bring out the chocolate and caramel notes within the coffee beans. The coffee beans will be selected from our Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil & Rwandan farms to name but a few.  If you select DOUBLE BAG then we’ll be sending you coffees that contrast really well so you can appreciate the inherent differences between these amazing beans.


Choose whether you would like a standard or double bag subscription below. Then just select whole-bean or the grind for your kit and pick the frequency you need it – every two-weeks or monthly. It’s complimentary shipping on double bag orders (so you might as well!).

coffee beans

coffee subscription

coffee subscription


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