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Roasters Triple Pack


Ethiopia, Rwanda, Colombia


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ROASTERS TRIPLE PACK.  And it’s an absolute steal!

We think this is pretty cool, three packs of super fresh and free delivery (same day local, are you serious!!) for just £22.95..  Each month we put together a selection of really delicious coffees that showcase different roasting styles and the characteristics of their particular regions.  Perfect if you like starting the day with a slightly different brew, and makes a great gift when you’ve done something wrong.

This month we have included :

ETHIOPIA, ADOLA 200g – This is Rob’s pick of all of our coffees at the moment, and it’s one of our favourites from Israel Diego and we have secured a new supply. From Ethiopia, this is a light to medium roast which hails from the Guji region. High altitude, raspberry & blueberry notes, fruity with a silky mouthfeel. Classic Ethiopian coffee.

KININI ESTATE, RWANDA 200g – We work directly with the farmers back in Rwanda and bring this delicious coffee from the Rusiga province.  Blackcurrent, hibiscus and sugar cane notes from a lighter roast.

ORGANIC CAUCA, COLOMBIA 200g – Back after selling out earlier in the year, this new harvest organic coffee from Colombia is bringing vanilla, chocolate and caramel notes we think. We are roasting a little darker than usual to bring out the flavours and

Hope you like it !


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Whole bean, Filter, Cafetiere, Mocca pot, Aero press, Espresso

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