Finca Aquiares – Natural, Costa Rica




Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Turrialba
Farm: Finca Aquiares
Elevation: 800 – 1400m
Varietal: Esperanza
Process: Natural
Taste:  Tropical Fruits, Maple Syrup, Milk Chocolate
Roast: Light
Weight: 200g

Working with sustainable coffee producers is top priority for us so when our Head of coffee visited the farm Finca Aquiares and owner Don Alfonso earlier this year we were extremely impressed with what he had achieved and the direction he is taking it. If you didn’t know already Finca Aquiares is Costa Rica’s first farm to ever achieve carbon neutral status!

When Don Alfonso Robelo took over Finca Aquiares in 1992 he made the social welfare of his workers a top priority. Starting a project that enabled his team to own their own houses he has managed to build a thriving farming community around the Aquiares in just 3 years. The farming community of Finca Aquiares manage the entire production chain enabling the highest standards in production and in turn quality.

This year we picked two stunning coffee’s to add to our offering. Both coffees are 100% ‘Esperanza’ variety – a hybrid of Caturra and the Ethiopia 531 variety that was developed by various Central American coffee research institutes, now renowned for its cup quality and resistance to disease. The two coffees we have purchased are microlots of the same coffee processed differently. We have a Natural process and a Red honey process for your enjoyment.

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