Fazenda California, Brazil




Region: Paraná
Elevation: 800m
Varietal: Yellow Catuaí
Process: Cold Soul Natural
Taste: Chocolate, Honey, Floral
Roast: Light
Weight: 200g

A unique Brazilian coffee with a unique process. After being harvested, the ripe cherries are delivered to the farm’s tanks and are soaked in cold water. California’s wet mill is supplied with very cold spring water – 8-10 degrees Celsius at most. This (and his daughter’s passion for the Disney film ‘Frozen’) gives the process its name. The theory is that the cold water gives a condition of “controlled fermentation”, giving the coffee the opportunity to begin a slow, even ferment. The coffee is then finished off with slow drying on African beds for 25-30 days, which completes the complexity of the process.


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