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Direct Trade Coffee 3 Pack

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DIRECT TRADE THREE PACK.  3x 150G just £14.95

Three packs of delicious direct trade coffee for just £14.95..  This month we have put together three of our coffees which we buy directly from the farmers.  No middle men required!  The smaller pack sizes mean you can enjoy contrasting the different coffees while they’re still fresh.  We are featuring:

This month we have included :

CACHOEIRA FARM, BRAZIL – This is from Danilo and his family in the state of Minas Gerais (General Mines). The farm is around 11 hours drive from Sao Paulo (during which we received three tickets for various unknown contraventions).  Classic Brazilian beans with chocolate, macadamia and nougat flavours.

KININI WASHING STATION, RWANDA –  We have been working with the farmers in Kinini for many years now and we visit regularly because our school and infrastructure projects are nearby.  This harvest brings out blackberry, hibiscus and sugar cane flavours and is a great example of Rwandan specialty coffee.

AQUIARES ESTATE (CARBON NEGATIVE), COSTA RICA – Don Alfonso and his family have worked hard to become one of the only producers in the world to achieve carbon negative status and we are delighted to bring this to Brighton. Chocolate, almond, brown sugar flavour notes.

Hope you like it !


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Whole bean, Filter, Cafetiere, Mocca pot, Aero press, Espresso

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