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Redroaster Double Gift Pack


Costa Rica v. Rwanda

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TASTE THE DIFFERENCE |  Carbon Negative Costa Rica v. Super Sustainable Rwanda


Costa Rica – Aquiares Estate  –  Celebrating 21 years of Roasting

2x 200G tube GIFT PACK

We have this unique twin coffee pack so that you can taste two of our finest coffees from contrasting parts of the world.

We work with Don Alfonso and his family from the Aquiares Estate in Costa Rica.  In the 1990s Don Alfonso launched a program to enable workers to buy homes and land from the farm. To begin with, most people thought it was too good to be true, but his long-term vision meant that people could invest more in education and wellbeing. These days the community of Aquiares has grown in the midst of the farm and is home to almost 2000 people.  96% of Aquiares employees own their own home thanks to him.  And then there’s the fact that this estate is CARBON NEGATIVE.. In 2012, Aquiares became the first farm in Costa Rica to fulfill the requirements of the Rainforest Alliance Climate Module.


We also work with the team at Kinini coffee in Rwanda. The washing station lies round a 90minute drive from central Kigali and we have enjoyed a long partnership with the farmers and owners of Kinini which has led to us visiting often and also helping them to build infrastructure for the farmers families. We do this through selling the coffee but also by donating our company profits and by fundraising. This has led to a community centre, school and classrooms for hundreds of children, a health post, training and many more initiatives.  The coffee is grown around the washing station and is highly sought after these days with most being told to Japan. We bring back as much as we can and are very proud to roast it and bring it to you.
TASTE NOTES: Amazing!  The Costa Rica is chocolate orange/almond.. the Rwandan is blackcurrant/plum/sugarcane
PROCESS: Natural & Washed
PRODUCER: Alfonso & Diego Robelo. //. Jackie Turner & Malcolm Clear
ROAST DEGREE: Both coffees are roasted slightly lighter to bring out the characteristics of the beans

Hope you like it!


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Whole bean, Filter, Cafetiere, Mocca pot, Aero press, Espresso


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