Brazil, Fazenda California




Origin: Brazil
Farm: California
Region: Norte Pioneiro do Paraná
Varietal: 100% Mundo Novo
Process: Pulped Natural
Taste:  Chocolate – Nougat – Brazil Nut
Roast: Medium
Weight: 200g

California Farm is located in the Brazilian subtropical region of the so-called Northern Pioneer of Parana. This region is characterised by being the area adjacent to southern Brazil able to develop coffee plantation without the low temperatures of the winter period, hindering the activity. The coexistence of volcanic soils of high fertility, good distribution of rainfall throughout the year and the binomial established between its average elevation of 600 meters and latitude 23ºS which result in a micro climate with annual average temperature of 20ºC, with four well defined seasons and a wide temperature range, turns this portion of blessed land into an extraordinary environment for development of the highest quality Arabica coffee lots. The implementation of a quality management system grounded in knowledge, technology and the adoption of rigid standards of good harvest and post-harvest come over the last few years producing coffee lots that coffee hunters experts have called the true hidden treasures. Integrating the Project Specialty Coffees of the “Northern Parana Pioneer, California Farm among the select group of exotic coffees suppliers, with peculiar characteristics and some yet to be discovered.

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