Sourcing green speciality coffee beans

Redroaster sources its raw green arabica coffee beans from several companies, depending on the price and availability at different times of the year but our major coffee wholesaler and importer is Mercanta, based in London. Mercanta sources and ships the very finest green coffee (arabicas) from producers throughout the coffee producing world and we have had a professional relationship with them for over ten years, because we have the same ethical policies on coffee producing and trading.

  • Mercanta cups (tastes) and approves every single coffee that they buy at the start of the crop and they will only ship when each coffee is rested and ready to roast.
  • Prices are directly negotiated with the growers and a premium is paid for the finest qualities to encourage continual investment in quality.  Redroaster frequently offers a 'Cup of Excellence' coffee, currently the Brazil Nossa Senhora do Carmo estate. This coffee was lot #11 in Brazil's Late Harvest Cup of Excellence competition this year.
  • Freshness and quality are protected all the way from the farm to the roastery.
  • Only transport companies who are experienced in handling green coffee are used.
  • Costly and environmentally unfriendly air freighting of coffees is avoided.
  • Back at the lab and cupping room, Mercanta constantly cup and re-cup each coffee to check on any deterioration during the crop year.  Our head coffee roaster regularly visits Mercanta in London to participate in cuppings of the new crops.


In 'Coffee-house Capers', Kaldi (aka Ian Boughton, editor of 'Boughton's Coffee House' magazine) writes: "Some in the trade like to go with coffee from the Cup of Excellence auctions, in which small farmers are encouraged to work for quality of product above all else, and are rewarded for it in the prices paid - 20 dollars a kilo is not unknown, and we think the record price is somewhere around 40 dollars... Steve Hurst of Mercanta told us that he had once watched the reaction of a small farming family who had come up with a super crop, and who were listening as the bids for their coffee came in.  Surprise gave way to disbelief and then floods of tears as the farmer realised that what they were going to get for one supercrop had effectively wiped out the family's entire debts."

Sourcing green coffee