Redroaster House Espresso Blend

Redroaster House

Redroaster House

Medium-dark roast
125g retail: £2.50

Throughout the year, as crops come and go, we select the best single origin coffees for our House Blend, used every day in the coffee house to make a sweet and balanced espresso.  They are individually roasted to bring out their unique character before being blended to a harmonious whole.  The blend, which uses 100 per cent arabica beans, is currently composed of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala and El Salvador.

"...Their espresso changes seasonally, the beans are individually roasted and then blended to make a consistent smooth tasting brew. The beans arrive in a sealed foil envelope with roast date and other information clearly covered on the label. On opening I was greeted with a lovely rich honeyed aroma, there was a clear sweetness to the beans scent with just a slight pinch of acidity... A great full rounded flavour that cloaks the mouth like a velvet muffler, it then reveals itself with light, tart cherry notes that can be clearly picked out and are felt right down to the back of the palette. The honeyed sweetness remained strong along with some hints of spice and a gentle backing of dry tannin tones. The after taste was creamy, smooth and with a light zestyness."

Coffee blogger Damn Fine Joe

Tasting notes: rich caramel with chocolate, spices, mellow chocolate and just a bit of fruitiness.  In a cafetière or through a filter you will get a really smooth cup with full body and a mellow chocolate/dried vine fruit flavour.