Redroaster chef Ole Skauge, also known as Moose, bakes the cafe's cakes on the premises four mornings a week, before the first shift arrives, so they could not be more freshly or more carefully prepared.  Moose trained as a pastry cook in Trondheim, Norway and came to work at Redroaster in Brighton in 2004, first as a barista and then as a chef producing quiches and cakes to order and always, as an artist.  Recently he has developed an amazing range of gateaux inspired by desserts.  Although they look rich and fruity they are extraordinarily light to taste.  Cake-lovers and London restaurateurs now seek out the cafe just to sample his Tiramisu or his Profiterole Mousse and order a whole cake for themselves.  Join them and find out why.

Samantha and Bunty are both expert cake-tasters who have been sampling gateaux of all kinds for many years.   Recently they were invited to give their professional opinions on the Profiterole Mousse and the Norwegian Surprise cakes.  

Bunty (96) says that her amazing energy and fitness are down to eating what she fancies (which includes fresh veg as well as cakes).  She loved both cakes because they were 'easy to eat and not too rich'. 

Samantha, her daughter-in-law, agreed, adding: 'I expected the chocolate of the profiterole to be too much and I love eating profiteroles as a dessert, but it was offset by the lightness of the mousse filling.'  And again, when she tried the Norwegian Surprise cake, she was genuinely surprised.  'Normally I wouldn't choose a cake with a fruity filling but here the fruit is just suggested and the sweetness is natural not saccharine.  Incredible!'


Slices of cake range from £2.20 to £2.80,
£1.80 for chocolate brownies and flapjacks.
Prices begin at £20 to order a whole cake for a special occasion.

Bailey's and Chocolate cheesecake

Banoffee pie

Black Forest

Tiramisu, Black forest, Profiterole cakes
Tiramisu, Black forest, Profiterole cakes

Carrot and Almond 

Carrot and Walnut
Cherry Roulade

Chocolate Brownies 

Chocolate tart  

Coconut and lime (Vegan) 

Fjord cake 

Flapjacks (Vegan) (plain/cranberry/apricot)
Ginger loaf with orange icing

Lemon/Orange Drizzle loaf

Mexican Chocolate (Vegan)

Millionaire's Shortbread 

Moose au Chocolat 

Norwegian Surprise (marzipan and fruit multi-layer cake)

Profiterole mousse cake 


Victoria sponge (strawberry jam/fresh fruit and cream