Café food
Freshly baked croissants and pastries from 7am for breakfast. 
Homemade cakes and snacks all day, lunch from 11.30am to 4.00pm.
Full menu available to take away (please call
01273 686668 for advance orders).

Quiche with side-salad
Quiche Lorraine/vegetarian quiche £4.80
with side-salad and baguette

Fresh Salads 

Bacon and egg £3.80, with baguette £4
Bacon, hard-boiled egg and baby spinach with cherry tomatoes
in garlic olive oil

Beetroot, Feta and Butternut Squash £4.80, with baguette £5
Feta, beetroot, mixed leaves, roasted butternut squash
with seeds, balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing 

  Greek salad £4.80 with baguette £5
Feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, mixed leaves
with oregano and olive oil dressing

Avocado salad (Vegan) £4.60 with baguette £4.80
Avocado, rocket, mixed green leaves, celery and cucumber
with lemon and olive oil

Lentils with butternut squash (Vegan) £4.80 with baguette £5
Le Puy lentils, blackberry vinegar, roasted squash, red onion, tomato, carrot
with lemon, olive oil and parsley

Baguettes with side-salad
Hot salt beef with horseradish and rocket £3.90 
Bacon and Brie £3.90
Smoked salmon, with lemon juice and black pepper,
or creme fraiche, dill and lemon £3.90
Honey roast ham with mustard £3.70
Tuna in lemon and parsley mayonnaise with cucumber £3.70
Mature Cheddar with tomatoes and pickle £3.70

Grilled ciabatta with side-salad
Honey roast ham, mature Cheddar, tomatoes £4.80
Roasted mixed peppers and red onion 
with pesto/Mozzarella/blue cheese £4.80
Parma ham and Mozzarella £4.80 

Sandwiches on white or brown bread
Tuna in lemon and parsley mayonnaise £3.00  
Honey roast ham with mature Cheddar £3.00
Toasted £3.20
Cheddar cheese with pickle, tomato or onion £2.40
Toasted £2.60
Hot salt beef £3
Bacon, lettuce and tomato £3 
Egg mayonnaise and rocket £2.40 

with extra side-salad 60p

Opening Times:
7.00 am to 7.00pm Monday to Saturday
8.00am to 6.30pm on Sunday
Always a fantastic cup of coffee