Exhibitions archive
  Posters for the Black History Group and Boca2Mouth. Collage by Jess Levine
  Romantic paintings and posters for the Charity Shop fringe theatre show and the Catweazle Club.
  Nick Sayers exhibit, the 1.2-metre "Hyperbolic Cactus" woven from 630 wooden coffee stirrers, is on permanent display. Photographs and posters of spoken-word events Floetics and Grit Lit, plus a Pighog Poetry Festival.
  Tessa Lyons drawing was sold for a record-breaking £1,000 in the cafe. Book launch front cover by R J Dent and painting by well-known local artist Jim Saunders. Poster for the tango club.
Opening Times:
7.00 am to 7.00pm Monday to Saturday
8.00am to 6.30pm on Sunday
Always a fantastic cup of coffee