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Kahn & Korolenko join Polina & Merlin in UK premiere
7.45/8pm Wednesday 28 January
£8 (£5 concessions
Kahn & Korolenko join Polina & Merlin in UK premiere
The Unternationale: acclaimed cabaret duo Daniel Kahn and Psoy Korolenko, are appearing at Redroaster for the first time in the UK. Kahn and Korolenko will be joined by another international duo, Brighton’s Merlin and Polina Shepherd Duo (UK / Russia) performing music from many European cultures: Turkish, Yiddish/Klezmer, Russian and Tatar.

The four musicians, who have known each other for over a decade, have played together in various bands and projects all over the world, as well as teaching and performing at international music festivals.

"Come to an evening of radical new Yiddish music, where tradition meets modernity and anything may, and probably will happen! Bring your dancing clogs and expect the unexpected!"
Polina Shepherd

“Daniel Kahn is helping Klezmer reach a new renaissance, seasoning it with folk, punk, and deep-digging lyrics, full of sarcasm and wicked self-irony.” 
Folker Magazine
7.45/8pm Thursday 29 January
An Evening with Tony Frisby, Paddy O'Keeffe and Ben Blake

"Delighted to report that the last Evening with Tony Frisby, Paddy O'Keeffe and Ben Blake, in November at Redroaster, was a rip-roaring success.  Ben was absolutely gob-smackingly good, Paddy's anecdotes and stories about being Irish both informative and funny, and the audience seemed to like my stories and poetry. 

"All in all a great evening of music, musings and poetry which will return to Redroaster on 29 January 2015!" 

Tony Frisby, poet
14 September 2014 -
Trees on the Downs

Local photographer Finn Hopson took these beautiful tree pictures within a few miles of Redroaster, in the fields and woodlands of Britain’s newest national park: the Downs. 

"The eastern end of the South Downs isn’t known for its trees and woodland, but they are an essential part of the character of this landscape, outlining the shapes of fields and villages, providing a sense of scale to open downland, silhouetting against morning mists and throwing shadows across the land as the sun rises and sets.

"Like so much of the Downs, the trees here have been cultivated, managed and coppiced over the years, but despite this endless human interaction, they provide some disorder amid the carefully regimented and groomed fields. It's impossible to find true wilderness in such a crowded part of the country, but the woods and hawthorn-studded pathways of the Downs provide endless opportunities to get happily lost for a few hours in this gentle, rolling countryside."

In July Finn opened a new gallery underneath the arches near the West Pier, where a larger collection of his work can be seen. When he’s not in his gallery Finn spends most of his time wandering the hills at silly times of the day and night or looking after his two tiny daughters, which also seems to involve a lot of early starts.

Illumination by Woodstar
29 September 2013 -
Illumination by Woodstar

Brighton wood sculptor Dave Gourlay of Woodstar, has created a series of architectural lights displaying the translucence of different wood veneers, which form a permanent exhibition at the cafe. 

The pendant Trinity shades are adjustable.  When shut down they give sculptural mood lighting, when opened up they allow a practical quantity of direct light to suffuse the room.  Woodstar offer a range of pendant and wall mounted lampshades.  Alternatively you can specify a unique light, or combination of lights which reflect the proportions, palette and feel of your particular scheme.

Woodstar is a Brighton based company, specialising in shaping wood into curves, circles
and spheres.  They take their inspiration from classical geometry and natural forms.

If you would like to view further examples of their work (all displayed at Redroaster
are for sale) please go to the Woodstar website .

Opening Times:
7.00 am to 7.00pm Monday to Saturday
8.00am to 6.30pm on Sunday
Always a fantastic cup of coffee