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Coffees for sale: Organic and Decaf
Redroaster Organic 125g retail: £2.80
Medium-dark roast
Rigorously tested and certified annually by the Organic Food Federation, the Organic alternative to our House Blend is made with high quality, organically grown beans.  As with the House Blend, the coffees we use vary with the seasons and availability. Currently the blend is composed of organically produced beans from Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. 

As an espresso this coffee has a bright fruity acidity backed up with chocolate and molasses. In a cafetiere or filter it is smooth like chocolate with a sweetness of dark cherries and toffee. 

Bolivia (Colonia Illimani Organic) Produced by smallholder farmers around the district or ‘cantón’ of Illimani, in Bolivia’s Caranavi province, Illimani was founded in 1968, when a few families in search of land settled in this fertile area. Farms are small and traditional, of usually no more than five hectares and farmed without the use of chemicals or pesticides. This lot is made up of a mix of Caturra (50 per cent), Catuai (30 per cent) and Typica (20 per cent) varietals, grown in the shade of native trees at an average altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level. The hand-picked cherries are processed by the fully washed process.

Peru (Tunki San Jorge Cooperative Organic) A return of an award winning coffee. In August 2014 Tunki won first place at the Peruvian national Expo for the second year running. The San Jorge Cooperative is situated in the 1700m high Sandina valley region of Peru in the Andes. This certified organic coffee is grown without the use of chemicals and carefully processed at the Cecovasa plant. The indigenous members of the Cooperative farms benefit by working together for a fair deal and ethical working conditions.

Brazil (Fazenda Santa Maria Organic) This farm is certified organic by the Brazilian Institute IBD which demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and very high social and environmental standards.  The fertile mountain terrain in the Mogiana region of Brazil is perfect for the Tupi, Obata, Mundo Novo and Red Catai varieties grown on the farm.  All the coffees are estate-processed using natural and pulped natural systems, which makes them full-bodied and naturally sweet.

Redroaster Decaffeinated 125g retail: £2.80
Medium-dark roast
Using only green beans of high quality for decaffeination ensures a great end-product.  The blend tastes mellow and sweet with a smooth, light body.

The Organic Decaffeinated blend, also sold by Redroaster, is extracted using the carbon dioxide method. 

Chief coffee roaster Paul: "We only use beans that are naturally decaffeinated without chemicals. There are three different ‘non-chemical’ methods of extracting caffeine -- the first two work on the principle of steaming open the cell wall of the green bean and leaching out the coffee oils and caffeine into water. In the third method, the beans are exposed to a highly compressed form of carbon dioxide that combines with the caffeine inside the bean. The caffeine is then removed from the carbon dioxide through charcoal filtering. So the bean and its oils are left intact." These far gentler methods of removing the caffeine content produce a much richer taste of coffee when compared with the traditional chemical methods of extraction.


Organic and Decaf blends
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